Chatta® Troubleshooting

Have you plugged in a webcam to the USB port? Reboot the TV once the camera has been plugged in. If you have access to the TV of your loved one you can check the camera and the bit rate (internet quality at the TV end) and various other features in a diagnostics menu. Click ‘Info’ to access the Chatta menu; select ‘Tools’, then press 1105 on the remote to access the diagnostics menu. If the internet download speed is less than 4mbs and the upload speed less than 1.5mbs the video chat may not function, and you will need to upgrade your internet speeds at respective ends. Also, a reboot of the TV and signing out and in of the mobile app may correct a failing video chat experience.

The Chatta app is free to download on either the Google or Apple stores. It only works of course when you have a ChattaTV account to associate with.

You’ll find instructions on how to do this in the ‘Supporter Guide’ on the Support page of the web site. But it’s quite simple, you just enter your email address and create a password and then you use the same to login.

There are two guides: one for the family ‘supporter’ to send messages or video call from the Chatta mobile app; the other for the elderly ‘resident’ to use the Chatta TV. Both guides can be downloaded from this support page.

Yes, they press ‘Info’ on the TV remote and select ‘Message History.’

Yes. They are set this way by default.

You can change this to ‘in box’ where a red spot appears in the top right corner of the TV (one click of ‘OK’ on the remote then opens the message to alert the TV user there is a message waiting. You do this from the Chatta TV menu: on the remote press ‘Info’ to access the menu, then ‘My Profile’ and then ‘Settings’ then ‘Deliver to Inbox’: ‘ON’. If your loved one’s TV has been set up so the messages by default go to Inbox or ‘non-urgent’ (they appear as a red spot in the top right corner of the TV) you can override this on a message-by-message basis and make the message Urgent which means it will overlay whatever is showing on TV irrespective of your loved one’s default setting. To do this press (…) on the mobile app then select Urgent. If your loved ones TV has been set up to default to urgent messages, then this ‘urgent’ option on the app will not apply (all messages will be urgent, and you cannot change them to in box from the mobile app).

This could be for several reasons: 1. The network signal on your mobile is weak 2.
The network signal on the TV user’s TV is weak. Refresh the app and try making the call again.

Most users (and families) prefer the messages to come up over the TV to be sure the messages are seen, so the system defaults to that option. If you want all the messages to default to non-urgent you can change ‘urgent’ to ‘in box’ and a red spot appears in the top right corner of the TV when there is a message waiting (one click of ‘OK’ on the remote then opens the message). You make this message status default change from the Chatta TV menu: on the remote press ‘Info’ to access the menu, then ‘My Profile’ and then ‘Settings’. ‘Deliver to Inbox’ ‘off’ means the messages come up over the TV content; set to ‘on’ and a red spot alert will appear for all the messages. When changing the default to ‘in box’ (or non- urgent) you can override this from the app when you send a message by selecting ‘urgent’ on the app message menu. You can’t currently change a message from urgent to non-urgent on the app. Alternatively email us at providing the name and username of the Chatta user together with the month and year when you bought the system, and we will change the default status.

When you send the message from the Chatta app select ‘Urgent’ from the (…)

App users can do this by clicking on ‘profile’ and clicking in the circle at the top of the page to upload a photo. You can use any photo from your phone or use your camera to take a new one if you wish.