Chatta® FAQ

Yes, fixed ethernet (ideal), WiFi or (less ideally) a mobile 4G router. For messaging with attached photos or videos the speed of the connection is not too critical. But if you are going to be using video chat it is vital for a satisfying experience to have speeds at both ends (TV and mobile device) of at least 8mbs down and 3-4mbs up. Less than this and the video experience may be very granular, keep freezing, break up, or not launch at all. Where most of us have come to live with poor video conferencing experiences, remember this is all new to many elderly and vulnerable users and it is worth ensuring that their experience is high quality. If the internet connection is strong, the experience of your loved one and you (viewing from your mobile device) should be excellent, high definition at 1080px. 

The Chatta app is free to download on either the Google or Apple stores. It only works of course when you have a ChattaTV account to associate with.

No. As we established from our research, that would be scary for many older people particularly if the TV switches on in the middle of the night if a relative inadvertently calls from a different time zone! When the user switches their TV on, the messages are there waiting, ready to be responded to. Think of it like your phone. If you have your phone or tablet switched off, it doesn’t switch on of its own accord when you have an email or a message. But when you switch on, the messages are there. Chatta works in the same way.

Yes – there are buttons on both the TV and mobile app side to switch off video or mute as you have with other video conferencing applications.

Yes, there will be a green-light indicator next to the name of the TV user on your Chatta mobile app if they have their TV switched on, a red-light indicator if switched off. The video chat icon will also have a ‘strike through’ to disable it if the TV is switched off to avoid any frustration on the part of the supporter trying to make a video call when the recipient is ‘not available’ or does not have their TV switched on.

No, you can send a message and it will remain on the user’s TV until they switch the TV on and respond to the message.

Yes, they press ‘Info’ on the TV remote and select ‘Message History.’

Yes. Provided you have an internet connection.

Yes, when you click the call button on the Chatta mobile app, the TV of the person you are calling will ‘ring’ audibly along with a visual alert overlaying the programme they are watching so they can’t miss your call if they are in front of their TV and their TV is switched on.

Yes. They are set this way by default. But you can change this so a red spot appears in the top right corner of the TV to alert the TV user there is a message waiting.


Yes. You can use it to send a message about a medication reminder or any other appointment reminder.