Guide for the TV user

You can view, download, or print the ‘resident’ TV user guide.

It will require discretion and judgement as to whether you as a supporter simply use this guide as a crib sheet to explain and demonstrate the functions to your loved one personally and/or give them this printed guide as a reminder of the different functions of ChattaTV.

From experience we know that ChattaTV users are at different levels. Some can easily learn and become familiar with all the features quickly; others need to be introduced to them gradually and you’ll need to ‘phase in’ different functions. For example:

o Simple messages and clicking OK to close
o Using the blue button to zoom attached photos and play attached videos
o Accessing the Chatta Menu for ‘Message History’ and ‘Media Library’ to review previous messages and photos.
o Multiple choice responses
o Request a call
o Video chat

It is quite common for some elderly people who have never experienced video conferencing before to be quite ‘spooked’ by a video chat call on their TV and seeing themselves in the top right for the first time. For those who are quite vulnerable and shy of modern tech we recommend phasing in simple messaging first, so they get the hang of reading and closing text messages and then ‘opening’ photos or playing videos before introducing to full blown video chat.