Chatta® reviews

Mary talks about her experience using Chatta

“We are delighted with this new system – I was able to see first-hand how our residents react – one lady was so impressed by the life-like quality and ease with which she could chat with her son on her gleaming new TV, she was moved to tears! She’d never been able to do this before because she doesn’t have internet and is not comfortable using a tablet or a smart phone. 

My manager Christine Farmer said she was so moved by how this system was transforming the lives of some of our lonely and isolated elderly people that when she saw the emotional reaction of one of our customers, she was in tears herself. The Chatta manager portal is going to make it so much more efficient and fun to communicate with our customers – it’s great for the staff as well as the elderly residents”.
Owner, Castle Care

“Chatta is a great way of engaging the staff, friends and relatives with the residents. We can ask how they are, tell them what’s on the menu for lunch, and send activity reminders and wellbeing messages like warnings of icy conditions or keeping hydrated during hot weather. It’s so quick to send the messages and saves staff wasting time having to drop into every apartment with routine messages – Chatta can do all that for us!”
Carole, Centre Manager, Extra Care Centre

It’s good that my mum’s grandchildren can send photos to their grandma and that the Care Staff can send messages if they are running late or a photo of themselves if they haven’t been to see mum before.
Lesley – relative of a resident in the community

“I’m delighted! Our family are really pleased with this new technology to encourage communication with mum in her own home. It has provided lots of opportunities for her daughters and grandchildren to keep in touch with messages and photos from wherever they are in the world. And all to her TV screen. It’s so simple to use – can’t rate it highly enough!”
Hilda – relative of a Chatta user in the community

“My mother has recently returned from a spell in hospital, and we are using the system much more – Chatta has really come into its own. She is able to keep on top of all her daily medication and numerous appointments. Also, a number of family members have been using Chatta to great effect – mother absolutely loves getting messages from everyone. Local council Home Help visiting my mother have been impressed with Chatta. In short, Chatta is a fantastic and fun way to help my mother cope with life at home.”
Phil Winter – Customer

“Even those of us who’ve been fascinated by exciting technical developments all our lives start to realise that one day it’s going to get beyond us. All the new, smart ways of keeping in touch, understanding what they all do, having to remember passwords – the digital world may hold the key to instant communication but, as we get older, some of us are never going to be comfortable relying on it. Which is why I’m so impressed with Chatta – a simple way to make the sort of personal contact we’re all going to need, through the medium so many of us know best of all – our televisions.”
Michael Rodd – BBC Tomorrow’s World Presenter 

 “I love the photos I get from Australia from my grandchildren. Whenever a photo comes in, I would rather stop what I am watching and look at the message. It’s lovely.”
Joan – resident in Extra Care Scheme